Dmitry Chebanenko




The project of the penthouse, located in the center of the metropolis, is solved in a bold eclectic manner. The apartments are a two-story space in which the main room and the center of the project is the living room, which occupies a significant part of the apartment and has a height of two floors. The central decorative element of the living room is a spiral staircase located in a bright niche finished with brass. The central thread of the composition with the stairs was a lamp, consisting of many colored glass and ceramic elements. The second floor of the apartment is completely owned by the owner, designed in the general cabinet style with an abundance of wood in the decoration, the floor consists of a library, which is illuminated by a magnificent skylight, a bedroom, a bathroom and an office. On the first floor there are common areas of the living room, dining room, kitchen and utility rooms, as well as a private bedroom and the boudoir of the owner of the apartment.  The apartment also has a rooftop terrace.